Alternative funding opportunities

ReD Global greatly welcomes applicants with other sources of funding. In fact, because EMJM scholarships are limited, it is advisable that all applicants consider all funding opportunities available to them.

Scholarship opportunities

You will most likely find that obtaining a scholarship is no small feat. Below, we list some suggestions for external scholarships. If you have been offered a place in the ReD Global programme, the central ReD Global coordination will be more than happy to assist you in the application procedure of external scholarships where possible.

If you are an EU student, there might be opportunities in your specific country as well; please refer to the European Commission website for an overview.

We advise you to also use your network of fellow students and universities in your country of origin when looking for alternative scholarships. Our partner universities also offer several suggestions on their respective websites.

Loan opportunities

The European Commission also provides funding in the form of loans with favourable conditions for EU students. This loan is only available in some banks, with limitations on the destination country or country of origin:

More information on the Skills and Education Guarantee (S&E), which followed the Erasmus+ Master Degree Loan in 2022, can be found here.