Participation fees

Participation fees

  • ReD Global Participation Fees include tuition fees and any other mandatory costs related to the student’s participation in the course.

  • Fees are established per academic year by the ReD Global Programme Management & Quality Committee (PMQC).

  • Fees are waived for students who have been awarded an EMJM Scholarship.

Academic Year 2024-2025

The participation fees for non-scholarship holders are listed below. The payment of these fees includes enrollment and participation in all teaching activities as well as full insurance coverage for the enrolled students. It does not include any other costs such as accommodation, living and travel costs, and any additional insurance policies.

Please note that additional visa costs may apply depending on individual circumstances.  

Participation Fees for the Academic year 2024-2025, starting in September 2024, have been established at:

  • EUR 5.000 per year for EU/EEA passport holders

  • EUR 10.000 per year for Non-EU/EEA passport holders 

Non-scholarship students can apply to the programme in an application round until the end of April.

Fee waivers

The ReD Global Consortium may apply a (partial) fee waiver policy at its own discretion. The basis for the decision of the Consortium to provide students with financial support is:

  • Academic excellence and/or

  • (Socio-)economic vulnerability

  • Any other factor considered relevant by the PMQC

Any decision on financial support provided by the Consortium is always based on a careful revision of the individual situation of a candidate.