Evaluation Process

The evaluation of applications starts when the deadline of a ReD Global application period as mentioned on the Programme Website has passed.

Under all circumstances is admission conditional to:

  1. applicants having satisfied the requirements as set out in the ReD Global Study, Teaching & Examination Regulations (STER); and
  2. a positive evaluation by the PEC of the applicant having obtained the required and certified levels of knowledge, skills and competence, by the starting date of the Degree Programme at the latest.

Additionally, the Admissions Office at the University of Groningen – as the Coordinating Institution of ReD Global – assists in the preselection of students. The Admissions Office only evaluates the level of previous education and produces an assessment regarding the suitability of an applicant’s previous education for the ReD Global programme. This Office is considered to be a part of the LEC for Groningen.

The PEC will assess whether eligible applicants meet the levels of knowledge, skills and competences that are required for admission to ReD Global. In doing so, they may request (external) expert advice, including to evaluate certain subsets of knowledge, skills and competence.

All applicants who have entered the evaluation phase of the admissions procedure will be notified in writing about the PEC’s admissions decision. Applicants will have an opportunity to appeal the PEC’s decision.

Evaluation of applications: Phase I

Eligible applicants will receive weighted scores for the following criteria, listed in order of importance:

  • Grades in relevant subjects: 60%

  • Research (incl. degree projects) and relevant professional experience: 20%

  • Curriculum Vitae and Motivation letter: 10%

  • Recommendation letters: 10%

Evaluation of applications: Phase II

Top-ranked pre-selected applicants with a minimum score of 80% will be invited for an online selection interview. Each applicant will have to complete a short assignment in advance of the interview.

The Coordinator of the ReD Global programme, the University of Groningen, will coordinate the interviews with individual pre-selected applicants. The interviews will take place with the Programme Examination Committee, represented by the University of Groningen and both full partners, University of Córdoba (Spain) and University of Coimbra (Portugal). 

The interviews will be evaluated on the basis the following jointly agreed upon criteria and their respective weighting:

  • Overall quality of the interview (expectations, attitude, ability to discuss knowledge relevant to ReD Global): 30%

  • Quality of presentation of previous undergraduate/graduate research project (academic knowledge, ability to discuss academic research, critically discuss own work): 30%

  • Quality of presentation of assignment (ability to assimilate and critically analyze new knowledge, judge its significance, and convey this to others in a structured and clear manner): 15%

  • Communication and presentation skills: 10%

  • Motivation, including affinity with societal relevance of academia and the historic-contemporary perspectives offered by ReD Global: 10%

  • Compliance with assignment guidelines: 5%