Student Agreement

If your application to ReD Global has been successful, and upon your acceptance of our admission offer, you will sign a Student Agreement. This is an agreement between you and the ReD Global Consortium, represented by the Coordinator University of Groningen.

What does the Student Agreement say?

The Student Agreement (SA) includes rules, regulations and recommendations for students regarding all of the important aspects of the programme. It includes the following sections:

  • Curriculum;
  • Mobility Periods;
  • Registration & Degree Award;
  • Financial;
  • Implementation;
  • Individual Student details, incl. possible scholarship, mobility pathway and possible support for individual needs;
  • Surveys & Information requests;
  • The Erasmus Community

Upon signing the SA, you agree to comply with the rules & regulations of the Programme and the receipt of individualised ReD Global support.


As per regulations specified by the European Commission, we have published a template version of the Student Agreement that is signed by both the ReD Global Secretariat and all incoming students. Signing the Student Agreement confirms your participation in the programme and is an important piece of administration for students and staff alike.

Please note that the following template is used for scholarship holders. Non-scholarship holders are presented with a very similar Agreement, the main difference being its financial stipulations. If you are a prospective non-scholarship student and you would like to know more, please send an email to the Secretariat to request a copy!


ReD Global Student Agreement_EMJM Scholarship holder_template_WEBSITE

Docx (417 KB)