LPR Module I


Module I: Winter School "Knowledge is not neutral"
Sub-focusCommunication, Technology & Ethics
Academic themeReligious Minorities
DescriptionLPR Module I is taught as a week-long intensive Winter School in between ReD Global semesters I and II, organised at UCO. The School focuses on how global power structures and relationships are reflected in knowledge development. Teaching includes lectures, seminars and debate between international academic experts and public policy practitioners. The School each year offers space to a keynote speaker affiliated to a ReD Global Academic Associated Partner Country university on one or more topics of particular relevance in the Partner Country. Particular attention is paid to ethical debates surrounding the use of different communication technologies (e.g. social media) and the (controversial) role of other technological advancements (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) in the definition and reinforcement of power structures.

The Winter School aims to demonstrate that “Knowledge is not Neutral”: i.e. how the way in which the development of knowledge is remembered impacts in dissemination and education in the contemporary context; how these shape the sources and types of knowledge that are privileged and valued and which are diminished and dismissed; what the impacts are for scholarly enquiry and curiosity-driven research and teaching in opening up to formally marginalised sources of knowledge; how these power relations shape the study of religion and diversity and are reflected in policy development and implementation.

Students undertake practical activities and group project work throughout the week to explore alternative approaches, drawing on knowledge and skills gained during Semester I and preparing for Semester II.