Research & Professional Track

ReD Global students, as of their second year, have the opportunity to select between a “Research Track” or a “Professional Track”. Irrespective of the student’s choice, the ReD Global curriculum will ensure that students gain important insights into both the academic and non-academic sectors, in particular via its Learning Progression Route.

Why Tracks?

Collaboration is key, particularly in finding solutions to societal challenges brought about by religious diversity. This means: being able to communicate with representatives of other sectors (e.g. professional organisations). ReD Global design reflects this, as a programme that provides an international, competence-based, transdisciplinary, cross-sectoral, and flexible learning experience to its students

The ReD Global Consortium considers it important that students choose a learning pathway in accordance with their interests. At the same time, it is important for students to gain competence in communication with other sectors. 

Which Tracks?

Student mobility pathways are entirely flexible for Year 2. Students (by mid-second semester) choose between a Research and a Professional Track:

  • The Research Track allows them to take courses on Religious Diversity & Social Inclusion at a variety of academic partners that offer a “Third semester profile
  • The Professional Track allows them to do an internship at one of the non-Academic Associated Partners – consult this non-exhaustive listing for inspiration

In all cases, the Programme Examination Committee (PEC) needs to approve of individual student’s learning pathways. For example, students may coordinate their internship placement at different organisation. The ReD Global Partnership will be there to facilitate student ambitions to the best of its ability.