Sandwich PhD

ReD Global, in addition to being a master’s programme of excellence, also aims to provide opportunities to students who want to continue with a PhD degree. ReD Global students who choose the Research Track and, in general, students who are interested in co-supervised PhD trajectories, may already prepare themselves with the information provided here.

What is a Sandwich PhD?

The term “Sandwich PhD” within ReD Global refers to degree-seeking mobility of doctoral students who will obtain their degree from at least two of the ReD Global academic partners.

Depending on the legal context of Partner Institutions, as a Sandwich PhD student in the definition of ReD Global, you will obtain a PhD degree from two universities (Double Degree) or a single degree issued by two universities (Joint Degree). In all cases, you will carry out your doctoral research under the co-supervision of academics of different institutions, as well as spend research time at those institutions.


The Double or Joint PhD Degree implies that you need to meet the requirements for admission and graduation of two institutions – and of course these may differ depending on national and institutional regulations. In ReD Global we have aimed to standardise some of the documents that allow institutions to make an informed decision on the likelihood of your admissibility.

Nevertheless, please note that no rights can be derived from submission of these templates as provided here – in all cases you should inform yourself of institution-specific regulations. The ReD Global Secretariat however will gladly help you locating the right contacts!

Process: UG example

As ReD Global implementation progresses, we will publish information on different (bilateral) application procedures via this section of the website. For now, we would like to share the Coordinator University of Groningen’s (UG) standardised application package to a Sandwich PhD leading to a UG PhD degree. It consists of the following documentation:

Sandwich PhD application form, agreed on between candidate & supervisors (template)

  1. Research Proposal (template)
  2. Supervisor support letter (template)
  3. CV candidate
  4. Financial Statement candidate (template)
  5. Proof of English proficiency (if applicable – exemptions possible)
  6. Copy of diploma (highest degree)

Additionally, in case the structure of the sandwich PhD is such that the final year(s) will be spent at the partner university:

  1. Letter of commitment signed by the relevant authority at the partner in which supervision and funding are guaranteed for the period of PhD research spent at the partner

At UG, applications should be sent to the Graduate School of the Faculty to which the supervisor is affilated. In the case of ReD Global: Theology & Religious Studies.

Templates: UG example

3. Supervisor Support

Default (14 KB)

4. Financial Statement

Default (61 KB)