Our Mission


Religious Diversity in a Globalised World (ReD Global) is a two-year international master’s programme that has a unique focus on the role of religious identities and diversity, and their complex interplay with processes of globalisation. Its mission is: 

“To provide a stimulating, challenging and rewarding learning experience to its students, who will develop specialised knowledge and understanding of religious movements, identities, and diversity, and how such phenomena interact with wider social, cultural, political and economic environments, in both historical and contemporary contexts.”

Programme Objectives

ReD Global has defined three specific Programme Objectives, using the programme design methodology of the Tuning Academy – a ReD Global Associated Partner and member of the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC). ReD Global graduates can:

  1. Understand, analyse and explain changes and continuities in the historical, social, economic, cultural and political significance of diverse religious traditions and of attitudes toward religions and religious diversity, both within their contexts and comparatively.
  2. Utilize knowledge and experience in the field of religious studies to identify and formulate solutions to current societal problems and areas of inquiry with respect to social and cultural interaction, religious diversity, tolerance and intolerance.
  3. Enhance religious literacy and critical analysis of socio-cultural phenomena to build inclusive societies through understanding and respect for individuals and groups in their different, private and public, dimensions.

Read more about the ReD Global Learning Outcomes here.

Our Consortium

The ReD Global Consortium consists of: