Programme Management & Quality Committee

The ReD Global Programme Management & Quality Committee (PMQC) is the main organisational body responsible for the implementation and quality assurance of ReD Global.


The PMQC is composed of the President, the institutional Directors of Study and the Course Coordinators. The President acts as its Chair. In ReD Global, not only the Full Partners, but also the Academic Associated Partners have appointed a Director of Study and – if they considered it appropriate – a Course Coordinator.

Institutional members

The following Partner representatives are members of the PMQC:

InstitutionPMQC members
UGDr. Arjen Bakker (Director); dr. Kimberley Fowler (Course Coordinator)
UCOProf. dr. Israel Muñoz Gallarte & dr. Juan Pedro Monferrer Sala (Co-Directors); dr. Lourdes Bonhme Pulido (Course Coordinator)
UCProf. dr. Delfim Leão (Director); prof. dr. Margarida Miranda (Course Coordinator)
USALProf. dr. Bernardo Nante (Director); Prof. dr. Andrea P. De Vita (Course Coordinator)
UNBDr. Gabriele Cornelli (Director); prof. dr. Eduardo Wolf (Course Coordinator)
PUCDr. Miguel González (Director); prof. dr. Joaquín Silva Soler (Course Coordinator)
UGto; UNAMDr. Rosa María Pérez Vargas (Director); dr. Edgar Espinal (Course Coordinator)
UNIBEProf. dr. Rainer Hirsch-Luipold (Director); prof. dr. Stefan Münger (Course Coordinator)