Local Management

The ReD Global innovative management structure also incorporates “local” equivalents of the PMQC and PEC: the LMQC and PEC. This has the aim to address any possible challenge proactively, efficiently and effectively.

The LMQC and the LEC advise on local and national regulations and developments relevant to the implementation and quality of the programme. They provide the PMQC and PEC with input as required. In particular:

  • The LMQC aims to ensure integration with institutional strategies for internationalisation and education, within the limits of applicable jurisdictions. In the case of Academic Associated Partners, the LMQC may provide specific recommendations on the administrative and legal requirements for conversion of their status to degree-awarding institutions, i.e. Full Partners
  • The LEC aims to ensure the quality of the ReD Global admissions policy, within the limits of applicable jurisdictions, and advises the PEC on an integration of local Study, Teaching and Examination Regulations.

The ReD Global Partnership Agreement prescribes that institutions identify experts in any case in the following fields:

  • LMQC: representatives of the Departments of International Strategy & Relations, Legal Affairs, Educational Innovation/Strategy, Marketing/Communications (or their equivalent at the Partner Institutions)
  • LEC: only Full Partners: two senior academics with expertise in one or more of the programme’s subject areas and a dedicated representative of the Partner Institution’s admissions office

The experts in the tables below have already been identified by the Partners.

Local experts PMQC

UGDrs. Doriena van der Horst-Smit (Financial Management)
Joyce Fongers, MA (International)
Colette van Spanje (Legal)
Alicia Streppel, MSc (Educational Innovation)
UCODr. Enriqueta Moyano (International)
María Luisa Lamiable (Legal)
Dr. Antonia Ramírez (Educational Innovation)
Rosa Aparicio (Marketing & Communication)
UCDr. Liliana Moreira (International)
Dr. Carlos Henriques (Legal)
Dr. Ângela Ferreira (Educational Innovation)
Dr. Joana Tereso (Marketing & Communications)
Mónica Rocha (Financial Management)
USALJuan Manuel Godoy (International)
María Belén Pastore (Legal)
Macarena Lucero Schmidt (Educational Innovation)
Pablo Hernández Molteni (Marketing & Communication)
UNBProf. André Chevitarese (International)
Mrs. Fernanda Israel-Pio (Legal)
Professor Henrique Modanez de Sant’Anna (Educational Innovation)
Mrs. Mariana Leme Belchior (Marketing & Communication)
PUCProf. Dr. Román Guridi (International)
Prof. Dr. Miguel González (Legal)
Prof. Dr. Roberto O Nell (Educational Innovation)
Paz Martínez (Marketing & Communication)
UGtoDr. Elías Rigoberto Ledesma Orozco (Internationalization)
Mtro. Mauricio Alejandro Murillo de la Rosa (Legal)
Dr. Geovanni Hernández Gómez (Educational Innovation)
Mtro. Jesús Rodrigo Guadalupe Nájera Trujillo (Marketing & Communication)
UNIBEDr. Jennifer Jermann (Internationalization & Educational Innovation)
Christoph Pappa (Legal)
Christian Degen (Marketing & Communication)