Our Professional Partners

Our aim

The ReD Global Partnership considers the interaction with professional and societal organizations extremely important. Currently, approximately twenty different organisations in nearly all Partner countries have agreed to work with the ReD Global universities to achieve the Programme’s mission. Specifically, organisations will:

  • Provide expertise on issues related to Religious Diversity via (virtual) guest lectures/seminars
  • Co-supervision and co-assessment of students
  • Co-assessment of students’ work in case the topic relates to the AP’s specific expertise
  • Advice on the overall quality of the Programme

All organisations have provided Letters of Support to ReD Global.

Members of the Tuning Academy and Mensen met een Missie have agreed to take place in the ReD Global Programme Advisory Committee (PAC).

Partnership management

The Partnership’s aims to ensure an efficient communication structure, particularly also between academic and associated partners. To that purpose, each institutional Director of Study of the university in which the organisation is located, will assume the responsibility to regularly communicate and follow-up with Associated Partners.

More Partners may be added to the Consortium during project implementation. It is up to the ReD Global Programme Management & Quality Committee to approve of additional members.

List of Partners

Mensen met een MissieThe NetherlandsOrganisation for international cooperation and solidarity with catholic roots. Our expertise is locally-led peacebuilding and reconciliation, with a keen eye for religious dynamics
The Netherlands Red CrossThe NetherlandsHumanitarian aid organisation
Tuning AcademyThe NetherlandsEducation and research centre that aims to positively contribute to the reform of higher education programmes. Also a member of the ReD Global Programme Advisory Committee.
Mundi-FARMAMUNDISpainCooperation, Development Education, Humanitarian Action and Emergency NGO; promotes universal access to health, through processes of sustainable social transformation
Casa ÁrabeSpainThe strategic inter-administrative governmental center for Spain’s relations with the Arab world, a meeting point where different role-players and institutions, both private and public, from the worlds of business, education, academia, politics and culture can dialogue, interact, establish lines of cooperation and undertake joint projects.
Biblioteca Provincial de CórdobaSpainA public cultural institution managed by Junta de Andalucia’s Consejeria de Cultura y Patrimonio (Andalusian Government) that aims to assure the access to information and cultural products to citizens freely and equally, favouring continuous training, social integration, and leisure opportunities
Archivo Histórico Provincial de CórdobaSpainA cultural and administrative institution managed by the Junta de Andalucia’s Consejeria de Cultura y Patrimonio that aims to collect, preserve, and make available to citizens administrative historical records in the Córdoba region
Archivo de la Real Cancillería de GranadaSpainA cultural and administrative institution managed by Junta de Andalucia’s Consejeria de Cultura y Patrimonio Histórico (Andalusian Government) that is responsible for collecting, safeguarding, organising and promoting documentary heritage from legal bodies
Sociedad de Filosofía MedievalPortugalAn academic society that aims to promote research on Medieval Thought in the Iberian Peninsula, the transmission of knowledge to Western Europe and its contributions in the making of the Modern world
Instituto de Estudos Avançados em Catolicismo e GlobalizaçãoPortugalA non-profit organisation which aims to contribute to the assembly, dissemination and development of interdisciplinary and ecumenical actions, within the scope of Catholic and global cultures, providing services for the education and full development of the human person
Instituto Europeu de Ciências da Cultura Padre Manuel AntunesPortugalA non-profit organisation with the purpose of providing research and teaching, promoting an advanced interdisciplinary culture, and in-depth analysis and criticism between several areas of knowledge
Gabinete de Filosofía MedievalPortugal
Vocación HumanaArgentinaA not-for-profit Foundation that aims to rescue the theoretical and practical contribution of philosophical and spiritual traditions from East and West that further the discovery and development of the human vocation
Otros CrucesChileOtros Cruces aims to create opportunities for dialogue and exchange that facilitate crossroads between faith-based organizations, religious communities, spaces of spirituality, political and civil society actors, in order to promote democracy and human rights.
Mujeres en Zona de ConflictoSpainNGO that aims to eradicate poverty and any form of violence against women and girls at local and global levels
Guanajuato Patrimonio de la Humanidad ACMexico
Red Unida de Guanajuatenses por el EmpoderamientoMexico
Colegio de Administración Pública de LeónMexico
Acción Comunitaria del BajíoMexico
Bajío Research Center for Public InnovationMexico
House of ReligionsSwitzerlandHouse of Religions is home to eight religious communities, jointly committed to intercultural and -religious exchange. Five religious communities practise their faith in their own unique spaces in the house. With its culinary, cultural and social offerings and cooperations, the dialogue area creates opportunities for meeting, getting to know each other, education and more. We aim to enable equal cultural and social participation
Transatlantic Policy Network on Religion and DiplomacyUSANetwork of diplomats and experts on issues of religion and international affairs, affiliated to Georgetown University